Nathaniel's Confession

Testimony #5

Young Nathaniel had been absent from the “Knowing Jesus” gatherings for a couple of weeks.  Today he would be back.

As the men began piling in, an older friend of Nathaniel’s, Michael, explained to me that Nathaniel was on his way and would need the group’s prayers today.  Michael had the opportunity to minister to his younger friend during the week.  It turns out that he had fallen back into smoking K2.  Nathaniel was sorry and wanted to get back into following Jesus so he was joining us again.

Immediately after giving the group opportunity to share how they had seen the hand of God at work, I asked if there were any special requests for prayer.

Nathaniel stood up and made his confession before 45 inmates.  When praying for him, we gave thanks that God had preserved him during his disobedience.  (So many who smoke K2 end up dead, injured, psychotic, or locked up in solitary confinement.)  We thanked the Good Shepherd for going after this one of His sheep — just as He has repeatedly done for each of us.  We thanked God for giving Nathaniel the courage to confess before the Body of Christ, be restored, and receive our love.  We asked the Lord to increase in each of us the power to walk closely with Jesus, trusting Him to finish the good work He has started.

You could feel the love and compassion in the room.

Then we opened Scripture and the Lord continued to bless His Body.

At the end of our time and as the men were leaving, Nathaniel looked me in the eye grinning.  I asked him if he had peace.  He nodded and the grin broke into a full toothed smile.

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