Chad's Release

Testimony #13

Chad attended Common Solution Recovery classes and followed instructions doing the hard work for recovery.  

He has been incarcerated several times for drug dealing and possession.  Every time, he intended to stay clean and do right.  Every time he fell.  The repeated failures when he sincerely wanted to stay away from the old habits brought Chad to the end of himself.  He knew he could not fix his brokenness.

He shared with me that this was the first time in his life he ever sought help.  The gift of desperation brought him to his knees.  Chad did a lot of hard swallowing of the truth about himself.  

One of the times when he was released he was met be a drug cartel associate who offered him five pounds of meth and $5,000 — “just to help you get back on your feet — no strings”.  Wanting to stay clean and out of trouble he refused, but all the same he eventually relapsed and ended back in prison where I met him.

He will be released a little over a week from now and has already made contact with a church that is ready to welcome him and give him the much needed support for someone reentering society with the intention of building a new life following Jesus and continuing in recovery.

Maybe you will say a prayer or two for Chad.

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